At some point in your travels you may experience an emergency. With this in mind, the following emergency phone numbers are available for your use: 1-800-628-4771* or 1-206-286-3294*. Holland America Line representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7days a week and 365 days a year to assist you in any way they can, including assistance with travel delays and contacting loved ones.

* These numbers are for emergency use only; please do not call unless you are experiencing an emergency of a critical nature. For information concerning airline delays, please see the AIRLINE DELAYS section.

Additionally, you can call the ship directly from the shore. We recommend that you use this for the most critical emergencies only: Connecting to a Holland America Line vessel at sea is simple by using Ship Dial Service. A credit card is required for all inbound phone calls to a ship. The rate is $USD16.00 per minute and billing begins at the time specified. Please have the ship’s name, your party’s name and stateroom number before you call.

1. Dial 1-800-993-5483 (US). From outside the U.S. access 1-321-837-6106.
2. Listen to the announcement.
3. Listen to the menu and select the number that corresponds to the ship you are calling.
4. If you receive a busy signal or message, please hang up quickly and try your call again.

Please print this page and give it to whomever you wish for dialing instructions.