Planning & Advice:

For Holland America sailings:

How do I reserve my backstage pass?
By booking your passage aboard the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise you have already purchased your backstage pass. We do ask that you show respect to the artists while you mingle amongst them as they are also on-board to enjoy each others music.

What is included with my fare?
All On-board Entertainment, Artist Showcases, Autograph Parties, Industry Panels, ocean transportation, port/ship fees, and most on-board meals. Additional charges will include transportation to/from ship, On-board gratuities, specialty restaurants, spa services, health and fitness classes, beverages, excursions, gambling, souvenirs, etc.

Do I need a passport?
(Please note: Information is subject to change)

With the implementation of the first phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), all persons, including citizens of the United States, traveling between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the countries of the Caribbean must have a valid passport to enter or re-enter the United States by air.

Effective June 1, 2009, with the implementation of the final phase of the WHTI, Non-U.S. citizens, U.S. citizens crossing US borders by sea and/or land, U.S. citizens on a cruise, that embarks in one U.S. port and disembarks in another U.S. port, must carry one of the following documents:

– Passport
– Passport Card
– State Issued Enhanced Driver’s License
– Other documents approved by the Department of Homeland Security
– (For information on how to obtain a Passport, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

Legendary highly recommends traveling with a Passport booklet rather than a passport card or enhanced drivers license. Guests who do not have a valid passport booklet will not be able to fly back to the US should you need to disembark the ship earlier than expected, due to a medical emergency, etc. Please visithttp://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html or call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 for more details.

Children: U.S. citizen children under the age of 16 will be able to present their birth certificate, or other proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card. Birth certificates can be an original or certified original. If both parents are not present, a notarized authorization form must be brought along with the child and guardian allowing the child to sail with the adult passenger.

Non-U.S./non-Canadian citizens: You must have and carry a passport valid for six months beyond the duration of the cruise. Please carefully verify the existing identification requirements for your particular travel situation. In addition, non-U.S. citizens who have previously been admitted to the United States for permanent residence must carry their Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), commonly known as a Green Card. Resident aliens not in possession of this must obtain one at the nearest office of the U.S. Immigration Service.

Carrying a passport valid for 6 months after the duration of the cruise will enable guests to fly from the U.S. to meet their ship at the first port should they miss their scheduled embarkation and allow guests that must disembark the ship before their cruise ends (due to an emergency) to fly back to the U.S without significant delays and complications. Guests are responsible for all costs associated with their travel including but not limited to costs related to arrangements to obtain entry to countries they visit and re-entry to their destination country.

VERIFYING THAT YOU HOLD THE proper DOCUMENTATION NECESSARY TO TRAVEL WILL BE THE SOLE RESPONSIBLE OF THE TRAVELING PASSENGER. LEGENDARY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR passengers who do not proper documentation and are unable to board the vessel. no refund will be given whatsoever to passengers not carrying proper documentation.

What are your cancellation policies?
For a copy of our terms and conditions which will explain the cancellation policies in detail, please email bluesin@bluescruise.com

If I cannot cruise, can I transfer my stateroom?
If you are unable to travel for whatever reason, you may change one or all passengers for a $250 per person fee. Legendary does not allow the sale of a booked reservations for any reason whatsoever.

What will my travel insurance cover and how do I purchase it?
Travel insurance is highly recommended and may be purchased directly by selecting “Travel Insurance” at the top of this page. Policies may provide additional coverage if purchased within 14 days of booking your stateroom. Please feel free to contact Travel Guard directly at 1-800-826-4919 with any questions. you will need to provide our agent id which is: 00489263.

What time will we embark/disembark?
Ft. Lauderdale sailings: We will set sail at 5:00 pm and return to port at 7:00 am. If you are flying in the day of embarkation, we suggest that you arrive no later than 2:00 pm as all passengers need to be on-board no later than 3:00 pm or you may risk being unable to sail. When flying out the day of disembarkation we suggest that you schedule your departing flight at 11:30 Am or after for ft. lauderdale departures and 1:00pm for miami departures. (These times are only valid for domestic flights. please allow more time for international flights.)

When & where can I board?
Ft. Lauderdale sailings: You may board the vessel on your cruise embarkation date between the hours of 11:30am and 2:00pm. All passengers must be on-board no later than 3:00 pm or you may be denied boarding even if your online immigration questionnaire has been completed.

For information regarding port location, parking information and directions please visit the link below:

January Caribbean Blues Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale: http://www.porteverglades.org

Is there Blues Cruise and Artist Merchandise for sale?
Merchandise will be available on-board in the Bluesin’ Bazaar. The Bluesin’ Bazaar will not be open while we are in port, but will be open for your convenience all days at sea and various hours before and after scheduled port visits. A printed schedule with store hours and location will be in the daily on-board sheets.

Is there a Casino on-board?
There is a casino on-board all ships. Hours of operation will be posted in the Daily Sheets that will be delivered to your stateroom.

Are there ATM’s on-board?
Holland America sailings:  There are no ATM’s on-board, although you may take a cash advance from your on-board account by visiting the Casino Cashier during operation hours. Holland America will apply a 3% commission fee for all on-board cash advances. Traveler’s checks may be cashed at the front office. Personal checks are not accepted. Accounts may be settled in US or Canadian currencies only.

Should I bring my instrument?
Absolutely! Pro and passenger Jamarama’s will be hosted daily and listed in the daily programs. Backline will be provided so you’ll just need to supply your own cords and accessories.

How many shows will each band perform?
There are 95+ shows scheduled on-board which means each band will perform a minimum of 3 shows, with most bands scheduled for 4 performances. In addition, we will have some special invited guests and also a few unannounced surprise guests. They are onboard to enjoy the music as well as add to our Artist Showcases and Jam Sessions. Most musicians will also take advantage of performing in our legendary jam sessions known to last until 5:00 or 6:00am. After the jam, head to the Piano Bar for a late night/early morning jam session. You never know who’s going to be there!

When will we be able to view the music schedule?
A schedule will be posted on our web site and sent via email approximately 2 weeks prior to sailing. a printed version will also be provided for you once you are on-board. You will receive one schedule per person that will be delivered to your stateroom prior to embarkation. we’ll also have a day by day schedule printed in the daily sheets which will be delivered to your stateroom

What other activities will be available on-board?
In addition to the scheduled performances we will also have on-board workshops, 2 scheduled autograph sessions, an awards ceremony, a performing artist leAd Culinary Demonstration, acoustic and passenger jams, dress-up theme nights and much more.

There will be in-cabin stage simulcast performances from 2 of our lounges, a blues video channel, blues radio and a photo slideshow. both holland america and celebrity cruises will continue their spa/fitness services, as well as casino services, art auctions, etc.

When will we receive our cruise tickets?
You should expect to receive an email containing your booking/reservation number approximately four to five weeks prior to sailing. This email will include detailed instructions on how to complete your online check-in, print your boarding pass and bag tags, and much more general information regarding your Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise.

How can my family contact me at sea?
Holland America sailings: Detailed information on how your family can contact you in the event of an emergency can be found by following this link: HAL EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION

When can we book excursions?
You may book shore excursions once you have completed your online check in after you receive your booking or reservation number. Excursions may be booked on-line up to 5 days prior to departure. (It is recommended that shore excursions be booked online before sailing as space may be limited.) Excursions may also be booked once on-board through the shore excursion office located by the front office (subject to availability).

Are there any formal nights on-board?
Formal wear is not required for your Blues Cruise experience. Bring your shorts for the day and a light jacket for the evening. You can even wear your shorts in the dining room on our cruise! We will host on-board theme nights which will be announced approximately 60 days prior to sailing, via e-mail. Dressing for themes is voluntary, but we will have a costume parade and prizes will be awarded for the best costumes.

Can we bring alcohol on-board?
Holland America sailings: Each guest 21 years and older may bring one bottle of wine or champagne (no larger than 750ml) onboard in carry-on luggage at the beginning of the voyage. This bottle will not be subject to a corkage fee if consumed in the stateroom. Additional wine or champagne bottles (no larger than 750ml) in carry-on luggage are welcome, but will incur a us$18.00 (subject to change) corkage fee each, irrespective of where they are intended to be consumed. Guests are not allowed to bring beer, boxed wine, or other liquors and spirits onboard. Holland america line reserves the right to remove all alcoholic beverages from any guest luggage that violates this policy. Any alcoholic beverage found will be removed and returned on the last evening of the voyage. Guests will not receive any monetary compensation for alcoholic beverages that were removed from luggage.

Wine and champagne bottles (no larger than 750ml) purchased in ports of call are welcome to be brought onboard subject to a us$18.00 (subject to change) corkage fee each, irrespective of where they are intended to be consumed. Alternatively guests can choose to have these bottles stored and returned on the last evening of the voyage at no charge.

All other alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports of calls as well as all alcoholic beverages purchased from onboard shops will be stored and returned on the last evening of the voyage at no charge.

In-room dining offers reduced-price stateroom beverage packages for in-stateroom consumption of alcoholic beverages (a 15% service charge on all beverage items and packages with beverages will be added).

Is there a Doctor/Hospital on-board?
Each ship does have a medical facility on-board with licensed physicians and nursing staff. Please keep in mind that many health care policies will not cover medical expenses while on-board. Medical services and dispensed medications will become the monetary responsibility of each individual guest and will be charged to your onboard account.

Will I be able to connect to the internet?
There will be 24 hour internet access in certain designated locations. Wireless internet access is also available and will be billed to your on-board account. Please see the Internet Manager during hours listed in the daily program to receive a connection package.

Still have questions?
For additional information please call 816-753-7979 or E-mail the cruise office at bluesin@bluescruise.com.